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Monday 6.00-7.00pm

Our Play class gives you a chance to feel like a kid again, it's all about exploring and having fun through movement challenges and games, think obstacles, throwing, balancing and climbing.

The class is circuit based, with a wide variety of task based exercises. How you do them and the intensity is self directed (with guidance).

​All ages and experience encouraged.


parkour + skills

Tuesday 6.00-7.00pm

A mix of structured parkour skills as well as the chance to pick your own skills (eg. handstand, cartwheel, pull up) to learn, practice and refine. Parkour will focus on vaulting, rolling and landing.

Class is a combination of structure and guided self practice.

All ages and experience encouraged

Skills and Parkour


Thursday 6.00-7.00pm


An entire class dedicated to mobility. A mix of slow and soft movements, some more strength based mobility exercises, and some corrective exercises to work more specifically on niggly areas.


All ages and experience encouraged.



Tuesday 6.20-7.10am

The focus is on high resistance exercises, with low reps. Mix of free weights and body weight exercises. This class offers a great chance to work on technique and also covers warming up and down with more specificity.

All ages and experience encouraged. 

IMG_2684 2.heic

strength + mobility

Friday 6.20-7.10am

A specific warm up followed by a 20 minute circuit with varying intensity and focus in each class. Exercises will be a mix of body weight, strength, mobility, and are also likely to challenge your cardio and coordination. Finishes with a nice stretch.

​All ages and experience encouraged.

Mobility and Strength
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