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movement and play gym

kids and teenS


We created bonobo because we wanted the perfect place for kids to move and challenge themselves outside of competitive sport.

We offer after school and weekend classes, holiday programs and birthdays for kids and teens of all levels.

Our students have fun, build confidence and take on new challenges more easily. 


 Charlie is more active and agile with better balance. He's more willing to take physical risks and better able to assess them. He's also much more physically confident!



We come to Bonobo because it’s different to ‘normal’ gym type classes and caters to Ruby’s interests. It gives her the freedom to move and develop at her own pace. It’s also a fun and encouraging environment.

- Tim

ADULT classes


Getting stronger and more mobile doesn't have to be boring!

Our group classes help you connect to your body in a friendly, patient and playful environment.

Our members learn new skills, build awareness and confidence and move like they did when they were younger.

IMG_3063 3.heic

I started with the goal of improving my strength for swimming but have found that it's helped immeasurably in my every day life. I'm more confident moving and balancing. I feel stronger and the niggles I used to have with my achilles and leg have gone away.

- Adrienne


Since coming to classes my whole body feels stronger and I have lats that work now! I feel strong and stable riding my bike and never get sore when doing gardening or other manual work around the house. I rarely get any niggles anymore and I feel like I walk more upright. Overall - I feel magic!


- Kirsty

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