move camps

Move Camp introduces a diet of movement components that should be included regularly in your life to keep your body challenged and feeling great

what is move camp???

Most of us understand that we need a variety of foods in our diet to keep us healthy, but do you have that variety in your MOVEMENT? To be strong and limber into old age your body needs to be challenged in a variety of ways on a regular basis. You need to move your joints to their full range and beyond, to test your physical strength, to push your heart to its maximum, and drive your physical endurance.


Move Camp is about introducing these components and challenging you with digestible amounts over the 12 classes. You'll come away with practical knowledge and skills to introduce into your life, as well as the habitual and physical gains from attending 3 challenging classes per week!

who is it for?

All fitness levels and ages, all you need is an open mind and a willingness to learn! You will experience a range of intensities from soft movement to challenging sessions, and how to adjust to your current level.


12 classes + movement + strength + fitness + community + knowledge

limited to 12 people

  • Classes run Monday, Wednesday and Friday 6.00-7.00am from 6th November till 1st December

  • $149 Paid by November 4th

  • Place confirmed only once payment received

  • Payments made to ANZ account Bonobo Ltd 06-0513-0813293-00