We want your child to negotiate their way through life safely and gracefully!

A huge motivation for setting up our gym was to spread our love of movement to youth. Moving well creates so many healthy options for them, whether mucking around with their mates, playing sport, or just enjoying life more. 

children's term program

Movement discovery (5-8 years)
movement development (8-11 years)

Our child's term program focus on developing physical competence and confidence through skill development and play.


Designed for children between the ages of 5-11, this program is all about giving young children the opportunity to move their bodies in ways that are natural and instinctive to them. Like they are in the playground, the bush or on the beach - running, jumping, balancing and climbing, crawling under and over things, throwing and catching and generally having the time of their lives.

We focus on the fundamental skills that will allow them to move with joy and confidence for the rest of their lives. Classes also provide an opportunity for them to develop attributes like teamwork, mindfulness, spacial awareness and coordination.


A large part of our program is built around safety. We teach skills that build the confidence to try new things and push boundaries, while giving the rambunctious child some self awareness in situations that may put them in danger.

teenage term program

(ages 12-16)

Our teen program aims to guide young adults into good habits that will better their lives. Well that's the plan anyway, we all know what teenagers are like...


We want your teen to be an efficient and adaptable mover. Whether they are sports obsessed or struggle to lift their eyes from the iPad, these classes will benefit them.

The sessions explore and develop a range of instinctive and practical skills such as running, jumping, climbing and lifting (so they can help around the house). 


Sessions will also develop their coordination, rhythm, balance and strength. We encourage young people to think about movement and exercise in a creative and mindful way, helping to establish good habits and attitudes as they move into adulthood. ​