The philosophy behind our adult classes is simple, we want you to be an efficient and adaptable mover. Everyone has their own journey through life, if we can teach you skills that make that journey more enjoyable then we've achieved our goal. All our classes have a small number and we pride ourselves on our attention to every individual in the class.

physical freedom

It's in the name. We want you to have the physical freedom to do the things you like, without worrying about getting sore, pulling a muscle or feeling uncoordinated. 


Whether you enjoy running, playing with the kids, sport, walking the trails or gardening. This class gives you the freedom to enjoy your life pursuits more.

The class is 60min, is circuit based and covers mobility, coordination, and skill based strength (we teach you the fundamentals and let you be creative), you'll also get a good sweat on.

The best part is the more you come along, the more you'll learn and the more you can tailor it to your needs. 

The class suits young and old, if you have a willingness to enhance your daily life in a safe, supportive environment then come along for a try.

strength and movement

The best thing we can do first thing in the morning is move. Moving in a variety of ways sets us up for a positive day.

The strength and movement class eases you into the day with a mixture of mobility, skill based strength and some tempo work to get your heart pumping.

The mobility, strength and coordination you will gain will have a positive impact on everything else you do in life